1st January, 2004

The first day of the year looks like a white painting put on the stand, waiting to get painted
Who knows what would turn out if every day I gave fifty brushstrokes to that white canvas. How many changes and how many second thoughts. Instead life takes place in moments, and when the moment has passed you cannot change anymore.


3rd January, 2004
(...) It’s very interesting to see how Francesco’s work continues to develop with constant the thought of when we met.
“There is always something new which opens a new way for tomorrow. Francesco is very demanding and honest with himself and with his work, I like it, he gives me serenity and I forecast and I admire him and I wonder if who looks at his painting understands the importance of his work (…) that has to be slowly observed, looked and lived so it can passes through the eyes to the heart and finally to the soul.”. After the spirit records a knowledge and finally it understands something by accepting the unknown. (...)


4th January, 2004

"Today I have thought of my rounds paintings in 1963. Why did I come to paint rounds? To make stronger visual attraction. On the round the eye stops more easily , it sees red, green and yellow or sky-blue with all the strength of mind and it get lost in and, even if you do not understand why its color gives an unexpected emotion like the sound of a sudden music. And so I have built painting hearing the special emotion for me, because I’ve never done it before, to invent something new, to build a reality that was not there before and that had to have charm, balance, and the force of life. (...) The wonder of art is this, because in equilibrium expression I strangely feel satisfied with a little thing, just that it’s true. My father was an artist and for me it’s normal to find beauty in everything around me, just looking at him with the charm of the mind and in my heart."


5th  January, 2004

 I’ve just finished to talk with Teodolinda Coltellaro about the presentation of “Solitari cantori dell’Utopia” that she wrote. She has spoken of "dream" and it excites me because now I title my painting “Il Tempo del Sogno”, because when you paint, you write or play, you express the dream that you have on your soul.

9th January, 2004

 (....) it seems to me to don’t have more time. I feel the time slipping between my fingers and I can’t stop it. To paint, however, I need to stop it, because in a painting time must be eternal.

 Yes, it’s true, with a canvas on the stand, a brush in hand, a palette full of colors, with many tones to choose and to paint, time suddenly stops.

There is a great silence in the soul, I don’t feel even road noise, the eyes become large as the world and a color’s tone is a fascinating discovery that gives me a great joy. It's not just the color of a color that  takes the heart, but it is the pleasure of doing a thing which was not there before.

 There is passion, anger, helplessness, illusion, love that takes you all the senses and asks you for forgiveness because you cannot do better, and more.


  But the best thing in "Tempo del Sogno " is that what you dream, at that moment that you’re painted it, in the silence of the world, it become a huge reality.

 And so you breathe better, you see unimaginable things and you don’t care all that surrounds it and that normally could bear pain. Everything is .... And stop.

 Just a new reality that maybe disappoints, but that it wasn’t there before.


 A painting is not an apple or a pear or a tomato that can be eaten. A painting is a real life that in the moment of conception has a special activity. It attracts or repels the viewer. What's the use?

 Who knows it. But there is it, and it’s like the famous the drop in the sea, which if there isn’t, there would never be the sea. (...)

13th January, 2004
(...) All the creatures that live in this world have something to tell, after they have lived.
But a work of art speaks about the time in which it is being created, of the hand that has made ​​it, of beauty that it wanted to tell, of dreams...of enthusiasm that has felt, of the singing that has being on heart and it had no words to say everything it wanted at that time.
So they have to feel and to think about the others, those who come after and look at the works of art. So they can create in that time young and new thoughts and with an infinite breath.

19th January,2004

“(…)This morning I thought about all the work I did with triangles…and I realized that Triangle is the symbol of creation… I thought that the right side is the man…the left side is the woman…the hypotenuse is love that unites them and gives it life, the tip of the triangle is the uterus and increases the space. In my paintings each triangle (although there are 2000) is different measurement even if only ½ mm. And are people equal? ​​Now they want to clone people (...). I wouldn’t want that after me there will be another Lia, she could never live my life another time, in another time(…) "